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All about the Dance.

By Leep Global (other events)

Thu, Jul 11 2019 3:00 PM Fri, Jul 12 2019 5:00 AM

Afro Latin Zouk (Kizomba)

Many consider Kizomba the most sensual dance in the world. While that debate rages. The heat rages on our stage and dance floor. As LeeP presents the hottest performers and sexiest dancers from around the world. To set Vegas a BLAZE!

Pre-Event tickets are deeply discounted with purchases made prior to the announcing of our Headline performers. Our prices start from the base rates listed and vary accordingly, commensurate with our performers noteriety. Due to the nature of our DayFests and the limited capacities of the Venue, Our regular prices are never discounted after our performance rosters are set.

So make you purchases now. Pre-event tickets come in limited quantities and for very limited times. We work relentlessly to set our rosters. So you are literally racing our booking team. 

Must be 21 years or older

Must sign release to gain entry